What Makes Us Worthy?

Dr Jeff Smith and Jim Case begin this adventure with the question, “What makes us worthy?” We start this episode with a couple basic assumptions. The first is that we were born worthy. We came in that way. The second assumption is that unworthiness is not inherent to our experience- meaning the concept or idea of worthiness or lack thereof happens AFTER we are born and have lived some life on the planet.

These assumptions make this topic super deep and rich and ready to dive in! We explore answers to the question, “when do we adopt unworthiness?” We explore the science as well as the spiritual and evolutionary aspects of this compelling topic.

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About the author, Jeffrey W

Dr. Smith is a Licensed Psychotherapist practicing for over 24 years in Vista, California. He developed a Strategic approach toward counseling that entails a thorough patient history, clinical observation, diagnostic brain imaging, use of psychological technologies, such as the emWave Personal Stress Reliever, the MRS2000 Magnetic Resonance Stimulation system and Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR) to assist patients in achieving their life goals. In the last decade, Dr. Smith has expanded his orientation for wellness to include more of a spiritual awareness and awakening. He is actively using meta-physical energy that shows up in his treatment sessions to help his clients resolve past life trauma, connect with departed loved ones and develop an awareness of the higher self that is always available to love us, energize and guide us in our daily lives.

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