The Journey (part 2)

What aspect(s) of God will you choose to create and explore? There are many who believe there is only one aspect to God, and that is Love. Of course, in the physical world of duality that would include Love and the absence of Love. Although this may sound negative and unpleasant, the awesome thing about this duality is that it opens up an entire spectrum of possibility and nuance. When we think “God is Love” the thought itself is linear in nature. It implies a singularity. And yet when we experience “God is Love” we tap into the energy and realization of ALL experience. We allow ourselves to open up and enter a whole realm of choices in possibility and experience. So how do we choose? How do we determine what aspect(s) to focus on? To understanding these choices requires that we take a deeper look at evolution itself.

In Quantum Physics there is a concept that talks about microcosms and macrocosms, and that everything is a reflection of consciousness. What we “see” physically is simply a larger or smaller version of how the Universe unfolds. The challenge lies in that what we see or experience within time and space tends to be paradoxical to what we experience in the non-physical. As physical human beings, we see everything as separate from ourselves. As non-physical beings, even more than seeing, we experience everything and everyone as connected, so this concept of “separated beings” does not exist. There is no separation or differentiation. Do you or can you separate or differentiate from yourself? Can you separate or differentiate from your being? This concept of all things connected sets the foundation for choosing what aspect you manifest.

When we are in the state of being non-physical our connection and alignment to God/Source is “who” we are. As human beings we live in separation. This separation does not exist in the non-physical. The aspect(s) then are not experienced or seen as a choice outside of self or consciousness, but as a compelling opportunity to understand Self as deeply and completely as possible. Because evolution is never ending, possibilities are also never ending. So from a non-physical perspective, choosing which aspect(s) to explore is all driven by that essence that contributes to the evolution of God, Source, the Universe, with absolute clarity that we are in no way separate from that evolution itself. Each spark freely and excitedly engages in its contribution; free to come and go in this leading edge environment. There is no good or bad or right or wrong in these aspect choices. There is only the impulse to evolve.

At this point you are probably saying, “HUH?!?!?!” …and rightly so. We can find a good example in the story of the Wizard in the “The Wizard of OZ”. Throughout the story, the consistent theme has the characters focused on the goal of getting to see the Wizard. For much of their journey the repeat, “we are off to see the Wizard!” There is wide spread belief that the Wizard is an all-powerful, all-knowing and all-seeing being that holds the magic to help each character achieve whatever is desired. All of the characters have very different experiences, and interestingly enough, they are all focused on that missing element in their life. They believe, in their human experience, that they are lacking, and so began their journey to find their “missing” pieces.

They finally arrive in the Emerald City to appeal to the Wizard, and before they can even state their requests, the Wizard assigns them as task that seems virtually impossible to accomplish – finding and killing the wicked witch! The only way they will accomplish this task is to reach deep within themselves and “find” that which they think they lack. After much trial, tribulation, and adventure they accomplish the task and return to the Wizard for him to grant their deepest desires. Unfortunately they are faced with an eye-opening reality when they discover that the Wizard isn’t actually a Wizard at all. He is simply a man who used his imagination to create a fantastic reality. The Wizard must then convince each character that what they desire already exists in each of them, and that their journey was necessary for them to truly embody their “spark”. In fact it is Glinda the Good Witch who tells Dorothy, who wants nothing more than to return home to Kansas, “You don’t need my help any longer. You’ve always had the power to return home. It has always been inside of you. You just needed to find it” This is a great story that clearly illustrates how all of us are on a journey and that more than anything, to achieve what we desire, we must find the power within ourselves, that this is indeed the journey through the human experience.

We are all evolving consciousness – not as a thing, but as consciousness. We specifically are evolving consciousness. We come from and carry that evolving consciousness. The aspects of ourselves, as evolving consciousness, that we choose to explore in our physical experience, is the story we create in order to live the aspects and through the aspects.

This is a pretty big concept. Sit with it for as long as you need. Allow it to sink in and integrate. Read it over and over until the dots begin to connect.


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About the author, Jim

Jim has been impacting the spiritual and growth communities for decades. He was the Aliveness Coach for an all natural residential healing center in AZ developing programs, conducting transformational seminars and one-on-one coaching and aliveness therapy for people confronting terminal and non-terminal disease processes. Jim worked with hundreds of clients across the country with his program "The Science of Transformation". Assisting people to achieve the Quantum shift and change they desire is his passion. His book "Fear is a Choice: Unraveling the Illusion" is a powerful look deep into the evolution of fear in the human experience.

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