The Journey (part 1)

I want to take you on a journey. This journey will not be an easy one, but it will be enlightening. It will be fraught with confusion, and will provide immense clarity. It is a journey of paradox, yet it will resolve in deep understanding. The pace of this journey will be determined and driven by you. You will absorb and integrate this experience at whatever pace you are ready for. This is an evolution- your evolution. You are going in-depth to explore the very nature of being human, of being spiritual, of being God, and of your own existence. While all of this may sound heavy and daunting, the result is liberation, freedom, quantum growth, evolution, and Transformation. During this journey I want you to open up to YOU- the authentic YOU, the inspired YOU, the transformed YOU. There is much to see and do on this journey.

This incredible journey started the moment God wanted to explore its own being-ness and existence. In that moment we were created. Not born, maybe birthed, but ultimately created. God created an expression of itself, a spark infused with the power of the Universe. A tiny spark overflowing with possibility, chaos, divine origin, and consciousness. This spark was a pure expression of God beginning a process of evolution that would eventually arrive at a powerful, incredible, fantastical destination- its ability to witness its own evolution. To look back over 4.5 billion years of growth and evolution and arrive at a place where evolved consciousness could look back and see its origins, see everything that occurred for it to be here now. It has been a truly extraordinary journey.

Welcome to the leading edge! In order for this extraordinary journey of expression to happen a space had to be created. A “place” where each spark, each the essence of God, could explore in a completely new way. A place where consciousness could evolve into physical existence, where thought could take form, and experience would be the trumpet call that leads each spark forward. In order for this inspired plan to work, the environment had to be conducive for all aspects. Thus the evolution of time and space, and ultimately form.

Time and space created a framework for the sparks to focus their intention and effort. This abundant environment was rich with opportunity, potential, flexibility and possibility. Fully infused and fertile with every possible expression of the Creators. And who are these Creators? They are you, me and God. And yet, while we assign them three different names, they are not actually separate or individual in the way we understand these concepts within time and space. It is really no different than when we, as human beings, use our imagination to “explore” different possibilities in our physical experience. With our imagination we create ourselves and our world- all expressions of our consciousness- our exploration of ourselves as the original Creator, as God.

Prior to actually becoming physical, we had to imagine our creation. What would it look like? What form would we take? What did we want to experience in this amazing environment? What aspect of God would I create and explore in time and space? We exist without limitation- just like in our imagination. WE are free to express so completely and so fully that our creations literally change everything. I mean e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! With each spark that evolves and imagines, ripples are sent out across time and space. These ripples are the energy of creation being released into an environment of manifesting potential. As each spark reaches for conscious expression it is radiating waves of energy that reorganize and re-align the Universe as we know it. Every moment of expression and creativity and imagining sparks universe upon universe of possibility.

Every spark that chooses to manifest into this physical environment literally explodes a universe of potential across time and space. Adding its consciousness and imagination to the ever-expanding and ever-evolving energy of creation inside and outside of time and space.

Take a moment or two now to take that in. Allow your consciousness to absorb, integrate and make connections. You will find, as you read the words and concepts conveyed here, that your spark is stimulated. Your imagination will create pictures and feelings and ideas and connections that maybe you haven’t experienced in a very long time. Simply allow. Let your consciousness inform your awareness, your brain and your environment. Just Be. Now “Be” even more. Allow yourself to “Be” with all of it. This journey has only just begun.


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About the author, Jim

Jim has been impacting the spiritual and growth communities for decades. He was the Aliveness Coach for an all natural residential healing center in AZ developing programs, conducting transformational seminars and one-on-one coaching and aliveness therapy for people confronting terminal and non-terminal disease processes. Jim worked with hundreds of clients across the country with his program "The Science of Transformation". Assisting people to achieve the Quantum shift and change they desire is his passion. His book "Fear is a Choice: Unraveling the Illusion" is a powerful look deep into the evolution of fear in the human experience.

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